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Revolutionizing home aquariums

Eco Friendly

The Brio aquaponics system is based on a natural eco system where plants filter water, unlike conventional aquarium where you rely on chemical filtration and frequent water changes.

Aquarium Filtration

With Brio’s unique filtration system, your garden absorbs and feeds on natural waste coming from the aquatic species, creating an environment prone to exceptional vegetation growth.

Energy Saving

4X 1000lm LED, day light spectrum. Optimize growth Led light specialized spectrum.Peace of mind Timer control for each light fixtures.\

Peace of mind

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Optimize plant growth

The specific color spectrum LED lights optimize photosynthetic reactions perfect for growing plants, herbs and flowers.

Oxygenate naturally

While providing a decorative ambiance, the integrated waterfall naturally oxygenate and provides optimal circulation




Revolutionizing Home Aquariums.

The first side by side aquaponics aquarium.

Introducing Brio 35, the first member of a new family of home aquariums that brings the science of aquaponics to your living environments in a truly elegant design.

Aquaponics Redefined

An industrial design graduate, Robin Plante has over 22 years experiences designing consumer products for the international mass markets. During his 13 year tenure as head of research and development and head designer at Rolf C Hagen, Robin has developed well over a hundred products for the pet industry — some of which have reached iconic status internationally.

Change Water. Feed Plants.

The Brio Substrate Vacuum Cleaner has been specifically designed and manufactured for the Brio35 aquarium. It features an adapter which you can easily attach to your eco-garden making the maintenance of your Brio 35 a breeze. The Brio Vacuum Cleaner removes and reuses waste from the system providing plants with the nutrient-rich waste water!

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Choose Your Favorite Color

Available in lustrous black and white. Check out the Brio Cabinet on our accessories page, the perfect addition to the Brio urban eco garden.

Brio35 – White

Brio35 – Black

White Cabinet

Black Cabinet

Explore! You will love it.

Encompassing a life worth of experience to provide an unforgettable product experience, Robin has now created his own signature product line of “urban eco gardens” named BrioTM. Seamlessly fusing a fresh water aquarium with planted gardens using the science of aquaponics, his unique system will revolutionize the home aquariums that we’ve known for decades.

Accessories for your Brio

Brio aquaponics premium accessories are uniquely designed for the urban eco gardens and available to provide the finest consumer experience. Look for our Brio liquids, lighting accessories, heaters, vacuum cleaners, replacement filters and cabinets.

Brio 35 Lamps

Brio35 Vacuum

Brio35 Cabinets

Aquascaping Design Inspiration

Looking for Brio Inspiration? Download our Inspiration Guide.

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